My Approach

How I work


I believe that we all have the resources within us to change. Therefore the work I do is in partnership and not as an expert. I may have the knowledge and experience of counselling, but you have the expertise of knowing yourself.

It can feel scary to speak to someone about difficult things, or to talk about being in a dark place. Before we can explore your issues in depth, it is important that you feel safe, and that you can trust me enough to open up. For some people, this can be a long term process. Perhaps you feel there are deep-rooted issues which will require longer exploration, in order to reach an understanding of why you may behave or think in certain ways. Part of the aim of therapy would then be to gain a deeper sense of self. This is known an psychotherapy. For others, it can be a short-term process, and may only look at specific issues, such as stress in a certain aspect of your life, a recent event or anxiety. This is known as counselling.

My work is “integrative”, drawing on a combination of psychodynamic, person-centered and relational psychotherapy. Sometimes our work will reflect on past experiences. In other sessions we may focus more on what is happening at the moment for you, both in the therapy room and in your interactions with others. We will explore your feelings gradually, to help you gain an understanding of how you have reached the place you are in now, and what you want to achieve going forward.

I am happy to work at your pace and in a direction that you wish to go. But at the same time, I will try to help you to become more aware of your actions, and of feelings that may be buried in your unconscious. By exploring what is happening in your conscious and unconscious mind, you will develop an alternative perspective enabling you to make changes. Therapy does not involve giving advice but provides a relationship where you feel listened to and enabled to develop further as a person.

If you live outside my area but are interested in my work, then I can discuss in the initial telephone consultation whether Skype sessions may work better for you. I believe that face to face work remains the most beneficial, but working remotely can be effective too.